Friday, January 30, 2009

Urban Oasis

Construction means different things to different people. In general, it pushes people away. Sidewalks are closed. Construction vehicles, dump trucks, cranes and fences take up the sidewalks and block off the area. Prior uses of a space come to a halt and the project takes over.

Right now, there are two projects nearing completion that are currently in the state described above. Thier eminent completion this spring/summer will revamp downtown in a much needed direction.

This weeks St. Louis Business Journal had an article about the Post Office Plaza and how its problems are being addressed. The unanticipated costs of construction is nerve-wracking. In this case, assuming a parking lot hadn't been the construction dump from a prior building at that location was the problem. Kudos to the Danforth Foundation and the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis in keeping the project moving forward. In order to repay a loan from the Danforth Foundation, organizations or idividuals can purchase "naming rights" to park benches for $7500, so businesses like mine who are just shy of buying naming rights to a sports arena can participate.

Just a few blocks away from the Old Post Office
is the nearly complete CITY GARDEN. Expected to be completed by mid summer, this park between 8th and 10th along Market will be another opportunity to showcase downtown and give residents and visitors an enjoyable hiatus. Unlike the plaza style of Post Office Plaza, the combination of art and nature is a welcome addition.

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