Monday, February 27, 2006

Art Loft Theater was a Blast!

Art Loft Theater_St. LouisBack in January, I posted about the Art Loft Theater at, where else, The Art Lofts.

On Friday we experienced the play Batboy. It was a hit!

I don't know what my expectations were, but they were exceeded. The acting, singing and story were tremendous.

There were two suprises though: one was that the bathrooms were "uni-sex" which to me, means one either sex can go in at a time. These were more like, everyone goes in at the same time with only a bathroom stall seperating men & women. A little strange.

The second suprise was that I didn't see anyone I knew there. Neither did my better half. It seems like there were few downtown residents that knew much about it.

Based on the webpage of the Art Loft Theater, they do say that they "Bringing 17,000 People a Year Into Downtown St. Louis." Maybe now that there are already some people downtown, they can get some home grown support. It's definately a great evening out!

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Action is good!

St. Louis DevelopmentA few weeks back, there was a meeting at the Downtown St. Louis Partnership about the traffic patterns downtown and what needs to be done. It was a good meeting with some good ideas.

In a brief meeting with the Downtown St. Louis Partnership, I asked about implementation of those ideas. They said that it was in the works. I've noticed a few improvements, like driving down 14th Street, the lights seemed like they were all in synch. Also, a couple weeks ago Locust Street was changed to two way (west of 14th Street--it is still one way going west east of 14th).

Ideas thrown around about how things can be improved are always good, but its fantastic to see that the city is really serious about taking action to improve downtown. Could that have something to do with more voter's in the city elections are living downtown?

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lofts Across the Country

A guy called me today from San Diego. He is interested in a loft in St. Louis. Talking with him about the prices of lofts in San Diego invigorated me. Ocassionally I work with someone, often times a native St. Louisan, who seems to think lofts are all overpriced and that they are a fad. I hate to say it, but its true.....some people think that way.

One of the sites I enjoy clicking around on to get a feel for pricing in other cities is - Your Loft Resource Of course, I hope Lofts in the 'Lou is really "your loft resource," but seeing lofts for sale in some cities for over $700 per square foot reminds me of how fantastic our city is and why the loft market continues to be so busy.

Friday, February 03, 2006

January St. Louis Loft Sales

St. Louis Lofts soldJanuary was another busy month in the world of downtown lofts. Of course, sometimes the business doesn't translate into closings right away. There was an intense busy spurt where it seemed as if there wasn't a supply of lofts on the market. Of our listings, one sold and two went under contract in January.

The Terra Cotta lofts seem to have the best sales this month. Four sales with an average days on Market of 48.5 days. That average was brought up by one listing that seemed a bit high on price and one that I had a hard time showing that had a respectable 59 days on market. The other two listings sold in 4 days and 21 days. NOT BAD!!!

Here's the St. Louis loft sales on the MLS for January:
St. Louis loft views
507 N 13th Street #207 $120,000
1501 Locust #301 $165,000
1501 Locust #601 $170,500
1511 Locust #210 $190,425
1612 Lucas #305 $211,000
1501 Locust #1006 $254,900
1501 Locust #905 $264,900
View all the details here!