Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fall Loft Tour --Day 2

The loft tour has finally come and gone and I am just thinking about my overall impressions of the event.

1. What was exciting to me is that, compared to other housing tours, we ran into more people who were actually wanting to move into the neighborhood and wanted information. My estimate was around 70% of the groups of people I spoke to had at least one person who were looking for a place to live. That's great!

2. One of the dissapointments from this year's tour was that many of the people that came to our display were irked by what they felt were excessively high prices. Higher pricing can be good too, but we just hope that people were'nt taking that away from the tour that downtown is priced too high. As in any market, that may be the case in some instances, but not in all. Living downtown is not cheap, but it is
affordable for many.

3. People from local St. Louis still look at loft living as a potentially new thing and are afraid that the "fad" will become unpopular soon. To those skeptics I would say that my childhood hero's, Ernie and Bert, have enjoyed loft living at 123 Sesame St. for 30 years!

St. Louis Fall Loft Tour---Day 1

Day one of the loft tour was a blast! There were lots of people seriously consdering a move into the best neighborhood in St. Louis. Other people were interested in the investment capability of lofts. The weather was great. Being isolated in the Premier Realty Exclusive compound kept me from getting into all the loft buildings and "private residences" on the tour, but I give people tours into private residences every day. If you missed the loft tour, or want another, contact me or my wife Lisa. We spend more time working in lofts than anywhere else and would appreciate the opportunity to show you around.

After the tour and our clients, my wife and I had dinner at the Drunken Fish on Euclid and Maryland. I was thinking about how much better the loft district will be in comparison to the ever popular central west end area. With all the new residences and retail space, the loft district will soon be the busiest social scene in the metro area.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

My new home

My wife and I finally decided to put in a reservation at the Dorsa Lofts at the party hosted by Pyramid Construction tonight. What a deal. These lofts have the fantastic upscale features that many of the other developers in town have and are being sold starting at $122/square foot. The building will be ready in 2007. The rear units should have a great view of the new "Bottle District" area and the front units are overlooking Washington Avenue. As always, for reservations, contact me at 314-518-9003 or at

Monday, September 12, 2005

Loft Tour Open Lofts

We're excited to have two lofts on display for the loft tour in addition to our information booth right next door to the Washington Ave Post coffee, print, & crepe shop.

Our lofts on display will be at the 10th Street lofts, unit 503 and at the King Bee Building, unit 801. These are both fantastic spaces that are available for sale right now.

The loft at the 10th Street Lofts is a 2 bedroom 2 bath gem with a great urban feel and close proximity to city grocers, 10th Street Italian, the Stadium, the Dome, etc.

The King Bee Building unit has 6 large windows with an awesome view of downtown. It is nearly 1800 square feet!

Check out the units in better detail at our website

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dorsa Lofts Sales Info

The wait is finally over for the pricing and availability at the Dorsa Lofts on Washington Ave and 10th St. I am very excited to have finally received the information on the unveiling. Contact me at 314-518-9003 or by Email at

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Zamba......the Best Food In Town!

Don't let anyone lie to you about the best new breakfast/lunch in town. Starting last weekend, the Washington Ave Post began serving a crepe breakfast from 9am to 2pm. It was fantastic!!!

I had the "Zamba" and a few hours later had the chocolate banana crepe. I could eat the Zamba for all three meals every day (with at least a twice weekly allowance for sushi). I always thought crepes were limited to fruits and dessert type fillings. There was a whole selection of more wholesome foods. The Zamba had chicken and a great assortment of vegetables.

There was adequate seating and fast service. The adequate seating won't last long though, once word gets out.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Coming Soon: Fall St. Louis Loft Tour 2005

The last loft tour in May was so awesome that I don't want to get my expectations up too high. I've only heard of one building that will be "unveiled" at this event as opposed to 4 at the last one. I plan on doing more homework on this topic in the next few weeks.

There will probably be a buzz about the Ventana. They have just started working with a realtor to help sales. Probably a good move. It takes a lot of creative thinking to walk in to an unfinished space though and see your new home. Some buildings have a certain amount of character even in the unfinished stages, I'm not sure that the Arts & Crafts building has it with 9' concrete ceilings and limited exposed brick. The windows sizes are great though. I'm sure that the luxury build out will be a great addition to the downtown west neighborhood.

To the east, the Dorsa lofts, by Pyramid, will be opening that day. My feelings are public knowledge on that building. It just has a unique look and a great location. Also being a builder with substantial loft experience. I have several clients that are excited about that building too. We'll see what they have to offer in the way of pricing and amenities.