Sunday, September 18, 2005

St. Louis Fall Loft Tour---Day 1

Day one of the loft tour was a blast! There were lots of people seriously consdering a move into the best neighborhood in St. Louis. Other people were interested in the investment capability of lofts. The weather was great. Being isolated in the Premier Realty Exclusive compound kept me from getting into all the loft buildings and "private residences" on the tour, but I give people tours into private residences every day. If you missed the loft tour, or want another, contact me or my wife Lisa. We spend more time working in lofts than anywhere else and would appreciate the opportunity to show you around.

After the tour and our clients, my wife and I had dinner at the Drunken Fish on Euclid and Maryland. I was thinking about how much better the loft district will be in comparison to the ever popular central west end area. With all the new residences and retail space, the loft district will soon be the busiest social scene in the metro area.

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