Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fall Loft Tour --Day 2

The loft tour has finally come and gone and I am just thinking about my overall impressions of the event.

1. What was exciting to me is that, compared to other housing tours, we ran into more people who were actually wanting to move into the neighborhood and wanted information. My estimate was around 70% of the groups of people I spoke to had at least one person who were looking for a place to live. That's great!

2. One of the dissapointments from this year's tour was that many of the people that came to our display were irked by what they felt were excessively high prices. Higher pricing can be good too, but we just hope that people were'nt taking that away from the tour that downtown is priced too high. As in any market, that may be the case in some instances, but not in all. Living downtown is not cheap, but it is
affordable for many.

3. People from local St. Louis still look at loft living as a potentially new thing and are afraid that the "fad" will become unpopular soon. To those skeptics I would say that my childhood hero's, Ernie and Bert, have enjoyed loft living at 123 Sesame St. for 30 years!

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Anonymous said...

Many of the people on the tour were definitely excited about the potential of moving into the Loft District. What a great opportunity to have a lifestyle with the freedom and mobility that Loft Living can offer. No grass cutting, bagging of the leaves, trimming the drive, etc…. but yet getting to keep the individuality of the property.

If there was one thing that I hoped was conveyed to those interested in locating to the Loft to work with someone who is experienced in LOFTS. To know the “ins and outs” and “lingo” of Loft Living is critical. With someone like Chris and Lisa, the Buyer will be informed and able to make the proper decisions...Chris and Lisa will insure that the individual needs are met. I can say this with experience – they brokered my Loft in June

I live in the King Bee, and what a unique building it is!! 2Bed / 2Bath, sky lights, private rooftop, terrific view and the list keeps going! The building has amazing architecture – and no two units are the same. There are not many “Lofts in the Lou” that offer the square footage and open space of a “true loft” like the King Bee. The space can be purchased raw and be personally built-out as individual as you are. Now, the King Bee does come with its own opportunities – but what 100 yr old building doesn’t? I was elected to our Board of Directors this evening. I have now been empowered to help make King Bee an even better place to live for myself and fellow property owners.

Wish me luck!