Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Loft District Attraction on National shortlist

Its always good to see the City Museum recognized for what it adds to the area-other than unique sceenery.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Supercharge your Re-Sale!

We listed a property back in January that had some fantastic features. One of which was the mural shown here. While not everyone liked the specific work, I think that just having a custom mural by a local artist really generated interest in this loft. The artist who did the mural, and can do all sorts of different styles was Micah Lisenfield.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Plans this Weekend

You won't have to worry about seeing me at these events this weekend. I will be in the global entertainment hot spot-----Branson. Whoopee!!!

I would rather be downtown this weekend. These events sound like fun.

SAUCE IN THE CITY @ Soldier's Memorial
Music and art festival. $5 3-11pm

THE LOT @ Schlafly's Taproom
Free concert extravaganza put on by Metropolis.
Volunteers needed!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Not For Lunch!!

Get a $25-- 3 course meal from any of the downtown restaurants on this website. This is a great chance to help support the restaurants that have made a commitment to downtown.

Back off Landlords!!!!

I really like the lofts at 2020, or the Sporting News Lofts, but a potential sale was eliminated today because Pyramid Constructions initial condominium declarations prohibit renting of the units, unless you are an original owner. If you buy one of the re-sale units on the market, you most likely won't be able to rent it unless the condominium association changes its rules.

That may answer why so many of the units are for sale and unoccupied right now.

Friday, August 19, 2005

How to Insure Your Loft

I never ever thought I'd do this, but I just got off the phone with an insurance agent of one of my clients asking me how to insure a loft.

Lofts are Condominiums, and therefore require a homeowner's policy known in the insurance industry as an HO-6 (Condominium Policy). Don't buy a renters policy unless you are renting!

These policies generally cover your belongings, liability, medical payments, and a small amount of money for the portion of the building not covered by the "master" policy that covers your condominium. I usually advise increasing that amount to at least 15-20% of the value of the condo because the items that are usually covered in the event of a loss can include flooring, cabinetry, trim, wall finishing and paint, and even lighting.

I also recommend an endorsement called "loss assessment coverage."

Ultimately, work with an agent familiar with lofts and the possible areas of coverage that exist. Email me for a referral request (specify insurance referral). I work with some great agents that know exactly what to do.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Free Bribe for New Loft Dwellers

I have recently worked out a deal with Washington Ave Post to give a free small addictive smoothie to all our clients who have recently moved into thier lofts. As it turned out, the deal was so favorable, that we decided to send the postcard out to as many of the new loft dwellers that we can find. In this case, specifically, if you are a new resident to the Windows Lofts (even if you're an employee of the developer) Annex Lofts, or Printer's Lofts. Even if you're not in one of these lofts, leave your name & address in the comments box on this blog and you may get a postcard from us with the free small addictive smoothie offer. No catch, other than if you want protein & vitamin powder, it costs another 50 cents.

Show Me another Washington Avenue Loft Website

My "Washington Avenue Greensheet" landlord Brian McGowan is launching a new website called, and maybe a few other derivatives. I actually was wanting to talk with him about putting the Greensheet here so that all the downtown business advertisers could get some additional web exposure when he unfolded his own plan with me.

Either way, I am hoping the above link will be more than a "coming soon" ad for Go Daddy in the near future.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Gus's Fashion Luxury Lofts

I got the pricing on the Gallery Lofts (renamed "The Bogen")today from Jacob Group Development. I am really excited that the building is finally getting redeveloped. It is one of my favorite buildings on Washington Avenue.

Pricing on floors 2,3,7,& 8 is not yet available. I don't know the timeframe on it.

Here is what I have in terms of pricingbogen%20pricing.xls and layoutsbogen%20floorplan.pdf

Of course, for reservations, contact Premier Realty Exclusive For location specify "The Bogen"

I don't know if the pricing, starting at $185/square foot includes a parking space. The Ventana, another Jacob development project under construction, has a seperate price for parking.

While I'm excited about these new developments, I do know that they are priced for a type of buyer that isn't as prevalent in the loft district today (rich with no furniture). Maybe the luxury developments being built will start to generate more interest from the more mature buyer. If it works, we can start hitting BINGO NIGHT at Lucas Park.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

First Time Home Buyers Rejoice

I am getting word that two new projects are coming up that seem to be targeting younger first time home buyers as residents. Ely Walker lofts (1600 Washington) and another (Secret)on Locust. I ran into one of the secret developer's last night getting ready to celebrate the successful closing of sale (for the building). When pricing and plans I will undoubtedly bring it up.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Full House at Downtown Development Roundtable

The rooms at Lucas Park Bar & Grill were packed this morning for the Annual Downtown Development "round table" meeting. I am glad I attended.

The topics were about how far we have come in the downtown area, how we need to continue our commitment, how we are not unlike many other downtown areas, how we need to change the perception locally and nationally about downtown, and how tax credits have boosted development. A quote from (I think) Thomas Eagleton was reiterated by Kevin McGowan which really seemed to capture the spirit of the morning.

Overall the content for me seemed to mirror my day to day life: being a cheerleader for downtown. What I wanted was more honest discussion about what needs to happen for additional revitalization, what is in the works, what are some problems we face. I really wanted to be productive. For a pep rally, it was a nice event.

It was announced that Metropolis is getting back into a more active state. I'm excited. While their website is active, it seems out of date in the area of events. Now is a great time for more activity to continue.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Food Critic for Hire

Last week I had the chance to finally get into 10th Street Italian to see what all the buzz was about. I had walked by a few times on Sunday (when they aren't open) and was impressed by how clean it looked inside.

With my schedule the way it is, I missed the lunch crowd by showing up at 3pm. The place was mostly empty, but based on my experience, that will not be customary. I had a chance to speak with one of the owners about how business is and plans for the future.

I had the 10th Street chicken sandwich. I have been thinking about it repeadedly ever since. It was fantastic. Being used to the "off hours" selection of restaurants, I really don't mind food that tastes like it has been waiting three hours to be eaten. This wasn't the case. It was fresh and tasty. The service was fast too!

I tend to spend more free time waiting for people, etc. in the downtown west area. Getting back to 10th Street Italian will have to become a habit.

For real food people's input click this or that.

Monday, August 01, 2005

You know you're old fat & married when......

I was at the Washington Avenue Post waiting for a client when someone came in and was asking Bob Ray, the owner, lots of questions about the loft district.

A New York Times reporter, as it turned out, came over and talked to me too. We spoke about the area when I suddenly froze up and couldn't speak. The reason: she asked me about night clubs. As the loft district continues to become more residential, my understanding is that the clubs of yesteryear are continuing to fade away.

Back in & around my college days, that's all I did on Washington Avenue. Even as a newlywed, I occasionally went to Velvet for a night out on the town.

She wanted to know ONLY about the loft district (Sorry BB's) and so I sat there mumbling about Lucas Park Bar & Grill.

Hopefully, no thanks to me, the Washington Avenue area may get an article published in the travel section of the NY Times. From what I was asked though, I wouldn't count on it.