Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Full House at Downtown Development Roundtable

The rooms at Lucas Park Bar & Grill were packed this morning for the Annual Downtown Development "round table" meeting. I am glad I attended.

The topics were about how far we have come in the downtown area, how we need to continue our commitment, how we are not unlike many other downtown areas, how we need to change the perception locally and nationally about downtown, and how tax credits have boosted development. A quote from (I think) Thomas Eagleton was reiterated by Kevin McGowan which really seemed to capture the spirit of the morning.

Overall the content for me seemed to mirror my day to day life: being a cheerleader for downtown. What I wanted was more honest discussion about what needs to happen for additional revitalization, what is in the works, what are some problems we face. I really wanted to be productive. For a pep rally, it was a nice event.

It was announced that Metropolis is getting back into a more active state. I'm excited. While their website is active, it seems out of date in the area of events. Now is a great time for more activity to continue.

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