Monday, August 01, 2005

You know you're old fat & married when......

I was at the Washington Avenue Post waiting for a client when someone came in and was asking Bob Ray, the owner, lots of questions about the loft district.

A New York Times reporter, as it turned out, came over and talked to me too. We spoke about the area when I suddenly froze up and couldn't speak. The reason: she asked me about night clubs. As the loft district continues to become more residential, my understanding is that the clubs of yesteryear are continuing to fade away.

Back in & around my college days, that's all I did on Washington Avenue. Even as a newlywed, I occasionally went to Velvet for a night out on the town.

She wanted to know ONLY about the loft district (Sorry BB's) and so I sat there mumbling about Lucas Park Bar & Grill.

Hopefully, no thanks to me, the Washington Avenue area may get an article published in the travel section of the NY Times. From what I was asked though, I wouldn't count on it.

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