Monday, November 10, 2014

Don't Forget the Downtown Neighborhood Association! Tonight at 6pm -- Central Library!

Downtown Neighborhood Association Meets Again!

As a city Realtor, the one thing I've noticed about neighborhoods is that the quality of life is proportional to the quality of its neighborhood association.   Neighbors that care show up.   There's strength in numbers (sometimes referred to as 'votes'), and there's strength in well organized associations.  

Currently the association is about as organized as I've ever seen it, which is a start.  Longevity and focus are also important, not so much for the individuals, but the objectives and goals of the organization. 

In downtown St. Louis, the goals have been consistent, but the effort behind organizing the neighborhood has been consistent.  Elected officials have had the ability to 'ride out the storm' and wait for the squeaky wheel to silence itself.  That has happened in the past, but clearly isn't the case now.  

Its great to see a current website  with minutes and agendas for each meeting.  

It would be EVEN BETTER to see a strong turnout and participation for tonights meeting!

Central Library