Thursday, June 13, 2019

Welcome to Lord Stanley... Downtown's newest resident!

This playoff season has been an awesome reminder of all the amazing St. Louis Blues teams of the past, how hard they worked, and how in many cases they still support the team and want great things for our city.    

It was also a reminder of the many disappointments and fears through the years, like when they were being sold and relocated, or when they had amazing regular seasons only to loose quickly in the playoffs.   Celebrating today brings a ton of gratitude for the people in Blues history that did what they could to keep hockey in St. Louis.   Winning the Stanley Cup, and just having played in the finals after this cinderella season is just what the doctor ordered for this franchise and for St. Louis.   See you all at the parade downtown!!!           GO BLUES!!!  #playGLORIA 

Some Awesome Places in and around downtown to Enjoy Blues Hockey in 2019-2020 Season
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 Downtown Deluxe Penthouse

 Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!