Tuesday, May 31, 2005

10th Street Loft For Sale!

Anyone interested in a loft east of Tucker, check out our latest loft listing.

I've always viewed Tucker as the true dividing line between "downtown" and "midtown" even though I've had people try to correct me. I think its just the way it feels east of Tucker, more like you're in a canyon of tall buildings.

The 10th Street and Louderman Lofts just feel different to me. What's really great is that they were more generous with the square footage when these lofts were built in 1999-2001. Now it seems that a "large" space is 1400+ square feet. The two variations of 2 bed 2 bath at the 10th Street lofts that I've been in are 1538 square feet (the small one) and 2100 square feet.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Incredible Buzz of Loft Tour

Wow! What a great weekend to get out and see some fantastic new lofts!

Up until last week, there just didn't seem to be anyplace available for the first time home buyer or young professional that really wanted to be in the loft district. Two great developments opened up, among several others, that offered an option for someone in the moderate price range: the Windows Lofts at 1601 Washington, and the Adler Frame Lofts at 2035 Washington.

I heard that the McGowan/Walsh development of Windows Lofts reserved over half (17 of 33) units over the weekend. The units are a breath of fresh air from what I have seen in terms of new construction. Standard features are very attractive and generous (appliances included, washer dryer combo included, slate tile surrounds, exposed brick.....the works. I've gotten used to the whole upgrade games in working with new construction that its great to just walk in and say "this is what it will be," instead of "for $X,XXX you can have this and for $XXX you can have that too."

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Lofts in the 'Lou

Welcome to the "Lofts in the 'Lou", an interactive community site unleashed on the City of St. Louis to make public the beauty, excitement, concerns, complaints, and gossip surrounding the urban renaissance in St. Louis.

The St. Louis loft district, for those not immersed in it, is growing outward from what was once the "Garment District" in St. Louis along Washington Avenue. My love of this area began as a college student when the Garment District was a wasteland of largely vacant buildings with a sprinkling of night clubs. It was a deteriorating wealth of castle-like, ornate factories. It was a symbol of better times for our city.

Today a new life is being breathed back into the once dormant city center. The loft district in the heart of metropolis; where people living and working have an uncanny 'small town' connection. Welcome again to "Lofts in the Lou," a place to promote and connect the loft district community of St. Louis, Missouri.