Tuesday, May 31, 2005

10th Street Loft For Sale!

Anyone interested in a loft east of Tucker, check out our latest loft listing.

I've always viewed Tucker as the true dividing line between "downtown" and "midtown" even though I've had people try to correct me. I think its just the way it feels east of Tucker, more like you're in a canyon of tall buildings.

The 10th Street and Louderman Lofts just feel different to me. What's really great is that they were more generous with the square footage when these lofts were built in 1999-2001. Now it seems that a "large" space is 1400+ square feet. The two variations of 2 bed 2 bath at the 10th Street lofts that I've been in are 1538 square feet (the small one) and 2100 square feet.

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