Friday, June 07, 2013

Syndicate Summer Open House Schedule

Summer brings a new excitement downtown.  We've already had a taste of some top tier Cardinals baseball and great urban festivals like Blues Week over Memorial Day Weekend.  For the folks that live downtown, being a part of these events is a "no brainer" in an unconventional sense.  Its not that by living downtown, a resident has to go, but the logistics are so simple. Living in the heart of the action means that the planning and arranging of life becomes simple.

The best building for this is the Syndicate Condos, located at 915 Olive Street.

Perfectly centered downtown, the Syndicate is just a few blocks or less from everything downtown.   

So this summer if you're planning on being around for a summer event or would like to see the premier residential building downtown after work, pop by on one of these days and let us show you why this building is the best!