Monday, April 21, 2008

Propaganda Dispatch

The biggest failure downtown is the continued failed attempts at journalism coming from the Post Disgrace.

The old saying, "maybe if we ignore them, they'll go away" seems apropos here.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Down By The River

Talk has gone on about the state of the riverfront, but not enough.

The topic that sporadically comes up in the news was brought up again a few weeks ago on the Mayor's Blog Hoping to wrest control over some of the 91 acres in order to establish a better landmark that, in the words of Former Senator Danforth, "We want something that transforms our image of ourselves and transforms the rest of the world's image of St. Louis."

Presently, the Gateway Arch grounds are controlled by the National Park Service. Most St. Louisan's have been there at some point or another. The Museum, a trip up to the observatory. The visit would normally take a few hours. Without sounding too critical, it doesn't really transform the image of St. Louis much.

A tremendous landmark, the Arch can become the focal point of so much more that it presently is.

Currently, local Mayors and the Danforth Foundation are calling for more local control of the arch grounds. Even the ability to control and enhance a fraction of the arch grounds could benefit the city and our central focal point. Gaining this local control of the Arch grounds won't be easy.

According to the article from the Post Dispatch, gaining local control will require broad level support from the community, not just a few in power.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Out Like a Lion

Lofts St Louis
As busy as things were in March, it was looking like the monthly sales were not going to reflect the newly active market. Seven lofts closed on the last week of the month.

So things are starting to pick up; most notably in the price column. Sales in the range of $250,000 to $600,000 accounted for eight of seventeen sales last month.

Maybe all the flooding is starting to encourage vertical moves. Here are the St. Louis Loft Sales from March 2008

210 N 17th St #1410----------427----------$84,890
210 N 17th St #210------------419----------$87,650
507 N 13th St #209--------------------------$131,000
210 N 17th St #912--------------------------$135,400
1501 Locust St #501-----------980---------$139,000
2201 Washington #307--------911---------$140,203
2020 Washington #307-------1198---------$155,000
1511 Locust St #302----------1235---------$160,000
1501 Locust St #903----------1053---------$161,000
1511 Locust St #106----------1343---------$190,000
721 N 17th St #502------------1236---------$202,000
1015 Washington #309-------1499---------$211,372
1635 Washington #312--------1105--------$229,000
2201 Washington #310--------1442--------$248,306
1123 Washington #513----------------------$255,000
1619 Washington #604--------1595--------$260,000
314 N Broadway #1602-------1126--------$285,000
1015 Washington #604--------1965--------$325,000
507 N 13th St #410-------------2700--------$395,000
1015 Washington #701--------2109--------$459,825
1015 Washington #703--------2523--------$486,604
1015 Washington #702--------2532--------$558,535