Monday, November 01, 2021

Dicing Up Downtown



We've waited years for the City Alderman to come up with a plan to limit the number of wards in St. Louis.   One of the big factors that's driven me nuts for years is how the reasonably small downtown loft district neighborhoods were separated into 4 different wards.   So basically, the downtown neighborhood was politically marginalized.   All of downtown could vote against a candidate, and they'd hardly count for anything because the bulk of the ward was located elsewhere.

With this downtown marginalization happening for years, our hope was that as the ward boundaries were re-drawn, that Downtown would finally get the representation it needed and deserved.  

Even if downtown was split up, but the loft district area (roughly 11 blocks north of Interstate 64/40 from the riverfront to Jefferson Blvd) was located in one ward, I'd be satisfied.

What's being proposed is that the main residential areas in Downtown and Downtown West, yet again, are split into 3 parts, continuing the tradition of marginalizing Downtown voters and, marginalizing the issues that affect downtown the most.   

Weigh In......

Downtown residents PLEASE speak up and voice concern in one of the ways below:  

Comments and questions can also be directed to 314-622-4114, by email to or by mail to Board of Aldermen, 1200 Market St., Room 232, St. Louis 63103 Attn: Redistricting.