Friday, August 12, 2005

Gus's Fashion Luxury Lofts

I got the pricing on the Gallery Lofts (renamed "The Bogen")today from Jacob Group Development. I am really excited that the building is finally getting redeveloped. It is one of my favorite buildings on Washington Avenue.

Pricing on floors 2,3,7,& 8 is not yet available. I don't know the timeframe on it.

Here is what I have in terms of pricingbogen%20pricing.xls and layoutsbogen%20floorplan.pdf

Of course, for reservations, contact Premier Realty Exclusive For location specify "The Bogen"

I don't know if the pricing, starting at $185/square foot includes a parking space. The Ventana, another Jacob development project under construction, has a seperate price for parking.

While I'm excited about these new developments, I do know that they are priced for a type of buyer that isn't as prevalent in the loft district today (rich with no furniture). Maybe the luxury developments being built will start to generate more interest from the more mature buyer. If it works, we can start hitting BINGO NIGHT at Lucas Park.

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Chris Grus said...

Pricing on the Bogen doesn't included parking. Spots will be for sale for the bargain price of $10,000.