Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dorsa Pricing and availability

Since the folks at Pyramid have been so considerate to have all the units "listed" on the MLS we should include a link to the listings. One of the things that has in my opinion always played into the hands of the developers is the mystery about loft sales. This may appear to serve the developer's in the short run, but loft buyer's usually want all the information available. Listing properties on the MLS is responsible and does more to reduce confusion about the lofts available.

In the case of several developments in the area (Windows, Ventana) the lofts have been on the market for months before they have any listings on the MLS. In other cases (Moon Brothers), there is only one 'teaser' listing. While this is legal and ethical, it adds confusion and makes it more difficult for the average realtor who isn't "plugged in" to the loft developers to truly assist their clients.

While we keep up with what's being sold and pricing, I commend Pyramid for being so open about their projects. Click here for what is available and what has been reserved at the Dorsa.

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