Friday, October 14, 2005

Arcade and Syndicate Trust Coming soon

From brief discussions with Loftworks and Pyramid, the next two buildings to be redeveloped by these two companies will be the Syndicate Trust (Loftworks) and the Arcade Building (Pyramid).

This may not be a huge secret to some, since there's a huge banner on the Arcade building talking about its opening in 2005.

I heard that the Syndicate Trust building will be traditional high end condo's starting at around $200/square foot. That's just preliminary.

The Arcade building units were described as similar to the Edision Condos in form and style. No information on pricing is out or even hinted. A sales office is going to open in January.

While these projects aren't going to really be lofts by definition They are undoubtedly going to compete for the growing segment of the market: the empty nester. I think this is fantastic. Forcing the "loft" concept on people wanting traditional space is futile.

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