Saturday, October 22, 2005

A Place Like No Other

Its amazing to watch a ribbon cutting event unfold in the city. I arrived at Copia at 3:50pm, the event was scheduled to happen at 4. No one was around outside, it didn't seem like anything was happening inside. Undoubtedly because I had arrived, channel 5 news pulls up and starts setting up, and then around 4, police, the mayor, and a bunch of well dressed social dignitaries all start filing through the doors and shaking hands. The speech from Mayor Slay, and Downtown Partnerships Jim Cloar were inspiring. The appetizers and deserts that were handed out were fantastic, the waiter's were charming and helpful. Every once in a while I have to listen to the nay sayer's and skeptics about the promise of downtown. The opening of this fantastic restaurant and wine bar did us all some good.

Copia is conveniently located across the street from the Lucas lofts and next door to the Meridian.

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