Monday, February 27, 2006

Art Loft Theater was a Blast!

Art Loft Theater_St. LouisBack in January, I posted about the Art Loft Theater at, where else, The Art Lofts.

On Friday we experienced the play Batboy. It was a hit!

I don't know what my expectations were, but they were exceeded. The acting, singing and story were tremendous.

There were two suprises though: one was that the bathrooms were "uni-sex" which to me, means one either sex can go in at a time. These were more like, everyone goes in at the same time with only a bathroom stall seperating men & women. A little strange.

The second suprise was that I didn't see anyone I knew there. Neither did my better half. It seems like there were few downtown residents that knew much about it.

Based on the webpage of the Art Loft Theater, they do say that they "Bringing 17,000 People a Year Into Downtown St. Louis." Maybe now that there are already some people downtown, they can get some home grown support. It's definately a great evening out!

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