Sunday, February 26, 2006

Action is good!

St. Louis DevelopmentA few weeks back, there was a meeting at the Downtown St. Louis Partnership about the traffic patterns downtown and what needs to be done. It was a good meeting with some good ideas.

In a brief meeting with the Downtown St. Louis Partnership, I asked about implementation of those ideas. They said that it was in the works. I've noticed a few improvements, like driving down 14th Street, the lights seemed like they were all in synch. Also, a couple weeks ago Locust Street was changed to two way (west of 14th Street--it is still one way going west east of 14th).

Ideas thrown around about how things can be improved are always good, but its fantastic to see that the city is really serious about taking action to improve downtown. Could that have something to do with more voter's in the city elections are living downtown?

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Anonymous said...

Action is good... Now it's time to get rid of the old timed stop lights and put some sensors in the roads...