Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lofts Across the Country

A guy called me today from San Diego. He is interested in a loft in St. Louis. Talking with him about the prices of lofts in San Diego invigorated me. Ocassionally I work with someone, often times a native St. Louisan, who seems to think lofts are all overpriced and that they are a fad. I hate to say it, but its true.....some people think that way.

One of the sites I enjoy clicking around on to get a feel for pricing in other cities is - Your Loft Resource Of course, I hope Lofts in the 'Lou is really "your loft resource," but seeing lofts for sale in some cities for over $700 per square foot reminds me of how fantastic our city is and why the loft market continues to be so busy.

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Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say that this website has been an invaluable resource, and I appreciate all the work you've put into it.