Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year Ward 6

In the past, the downtown area has been exempt from having to perform occupancy inspections at the sale or change of residency of a loft or condo. As a side effect from the rift going on at the King Bee Building, it was ordained that buildings downtown would begin to be incorporated into the city's HOUSING CONSERVATION PROGRAM

In November, I checked with the office in room 406 of City Hall. As a city landlord and resident, these inspections are familiar. Asking when they would be adding downtown buildings, they told me to check back.

So it was strange, last week, when I did look up the Terra Cotta address to find that they, along with all the other downtown buildings in the 6th Ward, were now assigned to Conservation district 54. (This presently includes 2020 Lofts, Terra Cotta Lofts, The Annex Lofts, Printer's Lofts, Railway Lofts, Windows Lofts, King Bee Lofts, Paris Style Lofts, Knickerbocker Lofts, Garment Row Lofts, Denim Lofts and Westgate Lofts) All the buildings are scheduled to require occupancy inspections by July 1.

Looking at downtown, it should be interesting. Just like any other situation, being able to get the occupancy inspectors into a building requires more leg-work than necessary in a house. Its also one more step in the process of selling or renting your loft.

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