Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Down to the Ballpark

Ballpark Village St LouisAs a realtor, I've been asked lots of times about the Ballpark Lofts. There really wasn't much to say for a long time. Things started up with an interest list, followed by an event "the NFL Style Draft" where each and every one of the units on floors 3-5 were reserved. Up until a month ago, I'd never heard anything different.

When we got a call from Kevin McGowan to help out with the building, it really excited me for three reasons: its the only "for sale" development within 2 blocks of Busch Stadium, they're move in ready, and lastly that they weren't really made available to realtors to share with buyer's due to the draft style reservations.

Once we got to the building and inside each and every unit left, I was impressed with the views and the modern finishes. With Spring Training starting today, I'm thinking of how the landscape will transform with Cardinal red coming so soon. Also with Ballpark Village's recent approval and removed residential components, these spaces will be the only ones available in Ballpark Village.

Contact us to check out the Ballpark Lofts and get one of the best spaces for Redbird season today!

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