Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Cheer!

'Tis the Season to shop downtown!  

With the Republican debates going on and almost nothing else taking on so much of the news cycle, its tough to talk more about the economy.  One thing that will help the economy is for the people who support downtown the most, its residents, to consider the shops and restaurants downtown as possible holiday gifts for friends and family.

A gift card to Mango would make me happy!  Santa (above) may have bought those pants from Eve's Apple Vintage by the Meridian.  Some artwork from the new 10th Street Gallery would really make someone's Christmas bright.

Having worked downtown for a while now, I've always noticed how excited residents get when a new place opens up close by, and how disappointed if it doesn't make it.   Vote with your feet and help downtown businesses have Happy Holidays too!

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