Friday, November 30, 2007

Slowly, but the Wheels are Moving

Downtown St. Louis streets
A few years ago there was a traffic study of downtown streets and recommendations from experts on what needed to be done. Suggestions ranged from making some streets 2 way, (such as what was done shortly afterwards on Locust), synchronizing the traffic signals to allow for better traffic flow, and reducing the lanes on Tucker and allowing for better streetscape and parking (aka making it more pedestrian friendly).

I was jazzed about the changes and started watching for them right away. Locust did change between 14th and Jefferson--lowering the chances of me causing a head on collision overnight. Not the most observant of people, but that's all the changes I saw.

According to Mayor Slay's PR team, downtowns street revisions are now being drawn up by HOK downtown and plans should be ready by next spring. It's hard to concieve of more road work being done at the same time as the I64 project, but the recommended changes seemed relatively minor. Let's get it done folks! We're ready for these improvements.


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