Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mayor Slay's Realtor: Please Read

Downtown St. Louis residenceMayor Slay has hinted on several occasions of an interest in living in a loft. In his most recent blog posting, he talks about having the moving bug and already having a realtor. So to you, Mayor Slay's Realtor, here are the top 10 reasons why the Mayor and Mrs. Slay need to relocate to downtown.

1. The short walk to work would be invigorating and a positive lifestyle change for the mayor.

2. Membership in Downtown St. Louis Residents (DSLRA) would keep him informed of social events and community activities.

3. Walk to Washington Ave Post for Crepes in the City or to the Rooster.

4. Instead of driving a few miles to meet up with friends, just walk a few blocks or stay in your own building!

5. Pre-game parties in the loft with a short walk or shuttle to Cardinal, Ram's or Blues Games.

6. Rock Climbing at Upper Limits gym to alleviate the stress of public office.

7. Catch a cab with neighbors to visit Soulard Market or Forest Park.

8. Every first Friday of the month get a fresh dose of new art at all the local galleries and shops.

9. Live in one of the best collections of historic architecture in the nation.

10. Enjoy the modern upgraded style of living amongst a rapidly building community eager for a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

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Sherry DVM said...

And, soon to come is 12th St Animal Hospital and Pet Boutique at 412 N Tucker. Imagine, Mayor Slay can walk to one of the finest veterinary hospitals,upscale pet boutique,doggy day care and training and cat boarding facilities in St. Louis and surrounding areas! You lucky dog! (Pun intended).