Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Build It and They Will Come

Downtown Retail and Schools
The most stable blocks in Downtown West are moving towards a new level of completion. At 1224 Washington, the Roberts Galllerie & Lofts construction began this week.

An era ended this week as the Downtown Childrens Center vacated its location beneath the Knickerbocker Lofts to move down Washington into the newly completed Motor Lofts building. Our kids started at DCC a few months ago and love it. The new facilities have lost the "urban funk" feeling, which seems to have everyone pretty happy.

The vacancy puts that space into the hands of Kevin McGowan & Urban Blue, which will definately put the space to good use. (Never to be relied upon) word on the street is that a restaurant and 3 retail spaces will result.

Also, at the opposite end of the block, Riley Waldrop purchased the old Marte's Shoe store and plan on converting it to more boutique style clothing and accessory stores.

The street traffic and presence on these two blocks can definately support this type of development and added retail, particularly as residents continue to take advantage of some of the great deals on lofts. It's exciting to see these key locations being developed, I can't wait!

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