Friday, March 17, 2006

The New Gateway to Downtown West

New Downtown Loft BuildingMy St. Paddy's day gift today was getting some semi-concrete information on the new construction project planned for the Southwest corner of Tucker and Washington. The information was listed this morning on the MLS. As soon as it popped up, I called to interrogate the listing agent about all the details.

The pricing appears to start out around $198/square foot for the base price non-penthouse, which is hard to.St. Louis loft layout
justify without more details about base plan and upgrades. Overall it sounds like an exciting project and a better use of such valuable space.

There are going to be 17 units, five of which are 2 story penthouse units on the 6th & 7th floors. Pricing on those ranges upwards to around $248/square foot.

Of course, since plans are still in the works, any details here are certainly subject to change, but contact us to get reservation information. Most definately, these 17 units will quickly sell long before the scheduled Spring 2007 completion date.

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