Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Blogging Hiatus

St. Louis Real EstateThe past month has been a blur. We have listed some awesome lofts and been really really busy. I feel like this spring will be a great time for the loft district. For anyone wanting the March loft sales, I will be posting all that information next week along with all the lofts sold in April.

I took some time to do a few things that I hadn't ever done like tour the Campbell House Museum and visit the Missouri History Museum. They have a small exhibit on the Moon Brothers Automobile that I have wanted to see. Part of the scope of this blog is to highlight what makes the neighborhood special downtown. I'll have to post about some of this stuff soon.

One major thing that has been a year long distraction has been resolved recently. As a result of a settlment with another real estate company, we will be changing our company's name soon. We still aren't sure about what to call ourselves, but helping people sell their loft or find an awesome place to live is what we want to do. Getting an expensive course in intellectual property law is not.

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