Monday, January 16, 2006

More Space for Urban Dwellers Downtown

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Just over a week ago, I was standing next to the Paul Brown Loft Apartments looking east at the beautiful Chemical Building at the Northeast corner of 8th and Olive. Not sure of its current use, I was wondering if it would ever be redeveloped and turned into a more classy office space or condo development.

The wait wasn't very long.

According to this weeks St. Louis Business Journal article on the front page, Crossland Capital Partners and Heismann properties, the developer's of the Meridian Lofts, have purchased the Chemical Building and plan a mixed use building. Existing tennants in offices will be moved to the first few floors, rental apartments will occupy most of the building and the top floors will be for sale as condos according to the article.

Looking at the ornate and unique architechture of this building, it should be exciting. The developers say that they will be building more traditional apartments and condos as opposed to loft style apartments and condos.St. Louis Luxury Condominiums
Looking at the rear of the building, there are several corners, so a great possibility exists to have a superb view in any number of locations, particularly in the top level condos.

The vision of the new downtown is becoming more and more clear as the weeks pass. More will follow on the progress of this development. Initial projections of completion are for April 2007. Lets hope for the best!

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