Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Bottle District sudden turnaround

Bottle District in St. LouisIn talking about downtown St. Louis real estate, one of the big question marks people have is "The Bottle District." As far as major developments go, it seems that everything is on course based upon the article in this past weeks business journal. Hopefully more information will be ready for the Business Journals February 17th issue that features downtown developments.

I'm not really that crazy about the new name, The Gateway Village. "The Bottle District" sounded unique. Ok... there is unofficially the "loft district," but the new "Gateway Village" name seems to redundant in St. Louis. There's already plenty of things named Gateway in the downtown area (Gateway Arch, Gateway Mall, Gateway One Building, etc.) And the new Ballpark 'Village' will be just blocks away.

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It is great to see that the plans for building residential towers are continuing. I was asked yesterday to what extent would the bottle district impact the loft district. Seeing some of the clubs and nightlife being moved away from the loft neighborhoods, it seems that the bottle district or gateway village may help add some entertainment destinations. It also seems like people fear that this great city will become too diverse or have too many facets. I'm not worried about that today.


Anonymous said...

Any word on what retail tenants they will have?
The StL Business Journal article mentions the retail component is 60% leased, but the only ones I've heard are the same 2 or 3 they've mentioned in the past.

Chris Grus said...

No word here. It sounded like they were talking with some store's that weren't in St. Louis already. That could be nice. I'm sure that the day the lease is signed there will be a press release.