Thursday, July 28, 2005

Gallery and Dorsa Lofts

Today was a great day to hear about some concrete plans to build out the Gallery Lofts building at 1201 Washington (home of Gus' Fashion & Shoes).

I've heard off and on about tentative plans but today a credible developer mentioned plans to buy and develop.

I can't wait!

Also, speaking to Sterling Presson, sales manager at Pyramid, I got a timeframe for the unveiling of the Dorsa lofts. The Dorsa building is at 1007 Washington and has a distinctive art deco style. Not that the older buildings aren't attractive, but this one stands out and is exciting. Signs have been up on the Dorsa for a few months now, but until we have pricing and floorplans, its all just a pipe dream.

An informative gathering is being held for anyone interested in the plans for the dorsa. To be added to the list of people I notify about this event, either comment to this post, or fill out this form.

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