Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Days Events

Todays excitement came at Schlafly's Tap Room where I attended a pre-construction party held by Craig Heller and Loftworks .

I thought it was an informational gathering for realtors. I had asked for pricing information back in May and recieved a reply in July inviting me to this party.

It was really for people who had reserved a unit at the Moon Bros Carriage Lofts or who may be considering. All & all it was a pretty nice meeting. Its pretty cool that they have these events to keep loft buyers "in the loop." Food was good as usual at the Tap Room. Everyone was friendly and helpful. The pricing on the lofts seems pretty favorable considering the lofts won't be completed until next May. One couple sitting at my table had high hopes of flipping a unit themselves.

While I'm talking up these new lofts, I just wanted to add that if you are a competing loft developer in St. Louis who may have had any new additions to your family today....Congrat's!!!

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