Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Supercharge your Re-Sale!

We listed a property back in January that had some fantastic features. One of which was the mural shown here. While not everyone liked the specific work, I think that just having a custom mural by a local artist really generated interest in this loft. The artist who did the mural, and can do all sorts of different styles was Micah Lisenfield.


Charles said...

I definitely had my eye on this loft when I was looking to move into St. Louis. It may have been small but it definetley made up for it in character and location. I've recently been thinking of turning my condo in Collinsville into a "loft-style" place, namely by knocking down the main dividing wall to nothing but the support beams and then replacing the dull "generic apartment" carpet with some nice hardwood or parque.

The loft craze in this area in not limited to the Missouri side of the river. Belleville, the self-proclaimed "Capital of Southern Illinois", may soon have lofts built near one of its metro-link stations. Check it out here.

Chris Grus said...

I'm seeing lofts everywhere too. The dividing line for me is whether its the adaptive reuse of historic builidings or if its just building something built new with a modern "loft" style.