Friday, April 27, 2012

Tour de Archgrounds - April 28

This weekend will prove to be one of the more exciting ones for a visit to Downtown St Louis.

For some lucky folks, tickets to the Cardinals NLCS rematch at 12:05 Saturday will be the thing to do.  For others, the 6:30pm Blues Second Round playoff.

We all know about the universally appealing Downtown Home Tour going on between 12-6pm.  (Sports fans should reserve 2-3 hours before or after their event in order to have enough time to see all the downtown homes).

One extra thing jumped out that really seemed great for someone looking to make a full day out of their trip downtown. 

There's two events at the National Park that caught my eye.  The NPS doesn't really do that great of a job promoting its events, so my guess is that they won't be overly crowded either.  

From 12-6, there's a vintage baseball game with historic information about Cardinals Baseball. 

Then from 6-9pm, there's a "Night at the Museum" program for $12 covering information about St Louis' role in the settling of the West.  This is a subject that I find interesting, since St Louis got to be the 4th largest city in the U.S. very quickly by tapping into the business of pioneering when it could.  As years have passed, growth has shifted elsewhere, essentially for the same reason.  
Now as we are trying to be competitive in the "Global Economy," it still is all about capitalizing on opportunities similar to the days of the wagon trains.  To build the connection between St Louis goods, services and assets, it doesn't hurt to see how things happened in the past.

One good thing about the Downtown Home Tour is that our open houses will be held and free of charge, so after the game, before the game, before the museum night, or after watching vintage baseball, STOP BY THE SYNDICATE OPEN HOUSE and see what its like to be right in the middle of the action!

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