Friday, February 05, 2010

Bad News for the Cynics

For years, I was as negative as the best of them. St Louis was a town I was somehow stuck in and my feelings were well known. Growing up here, I just knew there was someplace else for me.

I'll have to admit, the changes citywide that have taken place, as well as my lifestyle and age, all have a fair amount to do with my change of heart. St Louis is still a work in progress.

Working as a realtor, we see lots of 'outsiders'. I'll never forget meeting my friend who moved here from choice! Were they crazy?!? Who could leave the beach to come here? In the past several years, its less and less suprising to hear people moving to St Louis and really loving it.

This month, St Louis made the National Trust for Historic Preservation's 2010 Dozen Distinctive Destinations. Visitors to the site can register and vote for thier favorite destination. There are some nice places, but St Louis has my vote.

Obviously, historic buildings aren't for everyone, and so everyone might have differing values, but as a person aware of the phenomenal collection of preserved and restored buildings throughout the St Louis area; particularly downtown. We've heard on this blog and many others about some of the same resources we've squandered over the years, but what we have left is certainly worth celebrating. Visiting the Old Post Office, Union Station, The Cathedral Basilica, The Fox, The Continental Life Building, and EVERY loft building downtown is something that can be taken for granted. Any St Louisan that hasn't visited those places and taken a tour should consider a staycation and check it all out. What's hard about St Louis in comparison to the other 'distinctive destinations' is that we just have too much to consider. The past decade and the Missouri legislature has helped our cause by creating incentives for the development of historic structures and districts.

Making the list is great, but as a St Louisan, show your support for the great things being done here and vote for St Louis as the top distinctive destination by visiting the National Trust website today.

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