Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where's Tonto?

Tonto moves to Downtown St Louis The 2009 Downtown St Louis Residential Survey is out!

More amazing that there are no Native Americans surveyed as living downtown is that there are actually 5 people that think downtown has taken a step back. Ok?!? The only way I can concieve of that answer is if someone really relies on Highway 64/40 to get to work. Westward travel has taken a step back, and particularly in the last year. Thankfully we're rounding the stretch there.

Downtown residents are still fascinated by Reverend Rice, check.

Downtown residents would like some large scale retail, check.

Overall, downtown residents are happy about living downtown, check.

As a rule, the results of this survey still seem one dimensional to me. I'm curious if any homeless people were given this survey, or residents residing in affordable housing...

Its still a good survey, and hopefully its use will continue to build upon the growth of businesses seeking a downtown location.

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