Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Anouncement about St. Louis Center

As far as I'm concerned, Downtown St. Louis doesn't need St. Louis Center.

There was a day when an anouncement regarding a major development downtown would generate a buzz downtown and people would be talking. Now, either anouncements have become white noise, or we just don't care. There have been so many big plans unveiled, so many ribbon cuttings, and so many projects that have given us what we want in regards to an urban environment.

Indeed, based upon combined effects, this bit of news about the former St. Louis Center site sort of rubbed me the wrong way. The good news though, is that this is not really an anouncement or a ribbon cutting or even about tax credits. This is about money (approximately 17% of the total costs) which has been the sticking point on
all projects lately.

The Business Journal had its post on the matter as well. Both describe the opposition to the plan being mainly initiated by bribes from the building prospectively vacated by the moving law firm.

Of particular interest is how would the former St. Louis Center be re-developed. Prior plans called for condos and retail. It seems that both retail and condos would not be as easily financed and developed as they were in the past. The location would be phenomenal though and having residences spread further into downtown would add a nice element to the area.

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Anonymous said...

Thoughtful commentary. It's a never ending saga with that shopping center. I remember the good ole days when I could shop at Famous, grab something from the drug store and then hit the food court all on my one hour lunch.

Karen at cruzn4toys@sbcglobal.net