Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Downtown Neighborhood Nights

St. Louis Printer's Lofts
A couple weeks ago, the idea of hanging out downtown in the evening at the first ever "Neighborhood Nights" seemed idiotic. Sleep deprived, wanting to watch Sarah and Joe duke it out from Wash U. I could think of too many reasons not to be there. Afterwards, all I can say was that I was wrong.

Traditionally the Downtown St. Louis Partnership (recently renamed "Partnership for Downtown St. Louis")held a spring and fall loft tour. Each year, the tour became bigger and wider--going from the small cluster of a few buildings to sprawled out between Jefferson down to Broadway taking two full days to see everything. Still, even with all the hoopla that surrounded the loft tour, it just seemed like something was missing. Tours were usually held during weekends downtown where there wasn't much happening. Residents seemed like they wanted to avoid the whole thing. Whether the crowd was good or not, the normal hustle and bustle of the city seemed to be slowed down and covered up.

St. Louis real estate
At the first Neighborhood Nights, covering the Old Post Office District east of Tucker, I saw what I wanted to see at the preceding tours, the typical buzz of downtown. City lights. A different feel.

This Thursday we'll be there again. The starting point will be at the English Living furniture store at 15th and Washington. Our table (weather permitting) will be a block west on the Corner. We have some great listings at the Printers Lofts open as well as several downtown agents to provide information.

We hope to see you there!

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