Thursday, January 11, 2007

Downtown St. Louis Partnership Meeting sets record

Downtown St. LouisToday's meeting of the Downtown St. Louis Partnership and BOMA reportedly had a record attendance this year. The banquet room at the newly renovated Ballpark Hilton was packed. Never before has the topic been so pertinent to so many people. The highway 64/40 re-construction project doesn't seem to bother the people who have already embraced urban living. The majority remaining is running scared.

The meeting today seemed to cover mostly information that has already been made public. Of interest was the question and answer period where there seemed to be great support for incorporating plans for another Metrolink extension along with the highway plan.

The way I see it, with so much money going into this project and it having such a long term effect on our region, why not include mass transit? Avoiding the issue seems short sighted.

All and all it was a good program. The schedule and details presented can also be found on the MoDOT website.

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