Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dog Park on Hold Again

We're going to have a dog park, OK! Sometimes delays can be a good thing. Aparently there's a collaborative plan by a few residential developer's that would support infrastructure improvements around their developments. The plan is through a State program called MODESA Lucas Park, where we thought we could build a dog park, is one of the locations. The plan sounds like a great thing and I'm really excited about it. The hope is that being a state funded project doesn't limit the scope or timeframe of what could be done.
We'll be having another dog park meeting sometime in mid to late January to regroup and see what we can do to get something going now. In the meantime, we are in contact with developer's involved with the MODESA plans and might have some positive influence on what these developments can bring to the downtown community.

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Anonymous said...

The space on the other side of the library seems more suited to a dog park, but I guess it gets used for other special event things. And I guess as many homeless folks hang out there as at Lucas Park maybe. I just hate the bias against homeless folks. Also, Lucas has benches, kids' playgrounds, fountain.