Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Detroit Tries To Compare

One great thing about the World Series, other than a St. Louis Victory, At Home in front of thousands of crazed fans, was the surge of cash and attention into the downtown area. My friend Chris, will be happy to see his relatively new / old restaurant on Olive at 7th, Teutenbergs was mentioned in this Detroit News article It is a pretty good article about how our state tax credits are superior to what is available in Michigan and that there was greater momentum (comparaed to Detroit) in our downtown according to the author.

Having never been to Detroit, I wouldn't know.

Oh, yeah, and there's ballpark village too. What a time for the Redbirds to pull together a World Series Championship! The deal with the city was going to happen anyway, but what timing.
ballpark village st louis
This graphic in the Post-Disgrace didn't give me the clarity I'd hoped to have. The spoof article in the RFT that talked about the email combat going on between some of the key players in Ballpark Village gave me a Picaso-esqe visual of what 'could be.'
Despite the fact that it was clearly a joke, that article really got me wondering how the whole village was going to come together. I look forward to seeing more to come but overall I have a great feeling about how this project will tie together downtown. Looking at a map of downtown--5 blocks to the north of the new Village is the luxury condos being built in the shell of St. Louis Center with several other buildings filling in around the Old Post Office. The new added investment by the Cardinals organization and the 30% public bonds is not only helping the continued re-birth of downtown but also a sign of confidence from our storied summer residents.

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