Friday, October 20, 2006

Big Times Downtown

St. Louis DowntownJim Edmunds to sing at Copia? Wouldn't that be special. Watching Adam Wainright strike out Carlos Beltran to win game 7 and the NL pennant was awesome. After the hysteria, we finished some work to get ready for the Fall Downtown Living Tour being held this weekend. All of our loft listings are being held open and there's lots of preparations. The thought crossed my mind that an even better opportunity to show off our wonderful downtown neighborhoods may come when the Redbirds come back in town for the World Series. The World Series berth would also be a great springboard for the Cardinals to start selling Ballpark Village condos. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that can happen so quickly. Despite my doubts, I attempted to contact Cordish Co. today. Hopefully more to follow soon.

Be SEEN at the Loft Tour!

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