Wednesday, May 03, 2006

St. Louis Lofts sold in March & April

Lofts for Sale in St. LouisWhat a fantastic time of year! They say that the numbers don't lie. In this case they can. There were'nt really very many re-sale options for buyers in the months of February and March in the loft district. Depending upon price range and other factors, it seemed like there were times when nothing was available downtown and buyer's had to look elsewhere....or to reserve a pre-construction unit. Of course, new construction can be wonderful, but most of my buyer's that have been contacting me lately aren't interested in more than a 90 day wait. Call it baseball season or the fear of Highway 40 traffic intensity, but people want to be downtown NOW!

We can speculate all day, but here are the sales for the months of March and April:
507 N 13th St. #606------------------------$135,000
1720 Choteau #106-------------------------$138,400
1612 Lucas #409----------------------------$149,000
507 N 13th St. #208------------------------$150,000
2020 Washington #602-------------------$152,000
507 N 13th St. #407------------------------$154,000
1511 Locust #301----------------------------$162,750
1501 Locust #303---------------------------$174,000
1501 Locust #603---------------------------$177,900
2020 Washington #405-------------------$185,000
1612 Lucas #205----------------------------$199,900
1720 Choteau #201-------------------------$203,600
1709 Washington #602--------------------$205,000
1511 Locust #707----------------------------$229,250
1010 St. Charles #503----------------------$246,000
1612 Lucas #410----------------------------$249,900
1501 Locust #204---------------------------$269,000
1611 Locust #703----------------------------$291,000
1611 Locust #604---------------------------$299,900
701 N 15th St. #503W---------------------$387,500
1619 Washington #902--------------------$420,000

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Anonymous said...

Any way you could give us the avg price er sq ft for lofts currently based on your above numbers?