Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gearing Up for the Downtown Living Tour

Downtown Living Tour St. LouisThe month of June is upon us and what a month we are looking at! The annual Spring Downtown Living Tour will be June 10th & 11th and that is all I can think about lately. More and more lofts are starting to come on the market, sales seem to be picking up, and crews are working at a rapid pace to turn more and more space into gorgeous lofts. I am working hard to come up with ways of showcasing the great loft spaces that we have listed for that weekend.

What the Downtown Living Tour is to me is a snapshot of the progress this downtown has made since my college days--hanging out at clubs all over Washington Avenue and Delmar, going to parties in abandoned warehouses. I don't mean to sound sentimental, but with the Meridian, Bankers, and Moon Brother's lofts all nearing completion and so many more people looking to relocate into this fantastic neighborhood I get excited. With more people comes more business, more dollars, and more development.

In 2004, looking at the Downtown Living Tour, one still had to have a fair amount of vision to see the progress. Today you can't help but feel it. The downtown living bug is catching on and the loft tour (as I always call it) is the place to do our best to showcase the fantastic downtown neighborhoods so that the bug keeps spreading.

Lofts Properties on Display
Our loft listings on the tour


Anonymous said...

Im disappointed that the Printer Lofts arent on the tour ! one of the units is going to showcased in ALIVE magazine. Im wondering also, if more 2000 square foot lofts are out there - it seems there is alot of 1500-1700's, but not alot of 2000+ out there...your BLOG rocks my socks :)

Chris Grus said...

I'm disappointed too. The Loft Tour really favor's the current developments in terms of how the tour is arranged. Re-sales are getting left out. That is something I hope to address.