Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Notorious Ebay Loft for Sale

When I first heard about the loft for sale on Ebay with no reserve, I viewed the likelyhood of a deal with amused skepticism.

This same loft was just listed on the MLS on Wednesday for what still appears to be a favorably priced $349,000. I spoke to a few people who thought that the price of $300,100
would be too much, so they hesitated on bidding. In this case, though I haven't actually been in the loft, the market indicates a price more like the current list price. $300,100 would have been selling the loft much lower than its value.

One positive thing is that if you are working with a buyer's agent / realtor, they now can help you with the contract, negotiations, inspections, and all the other work that comes with buying a home. While charitable contributions are fantastic, they shouldn't be made in place of having professional assistance in a major real estate transaction.

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