Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Curb Appeal for Downtown

Something we've noticed about major downtown developments is that their often times seems to be very little public awareness or talk about the project until its done.  And why should there be?  Unless someone is the developer, owner, or financier, they aren't involved and the long term project tends to carry less publicity unless there's something controversial.  Even then, as is the case of Northside Regeneration, there's talk and controversy, but still few hard facts about what will be done.

CityArchRiver could possibly be an exception.

So far, as a public project, there's been more open houses and meetings.  They've got me excited.  Now, the plan is to form a citizens board to assist in carrying out the plan.

What's really nice about that is that civic minded DOWNTOWN RESIDENTS, as well as citizens from the surrounding area can share their time to ensure the project is completed in the best interests of the community.

My fear is that good folks from Chesterfield, Arnold, St Charles (where they didn't even put the tax measure on the ballot) or elsewhere will dominate the decision process with a largely pro-tourist bias.  The Downtown neighborhood has the most to benefit, we need some downtown residents to participate!

Visit the CityArchRiver website to get an application for the Citizens Advisory Committee and build Downtown St Louis' curb appeal for your home today! 

Printable Application?  Click Here!

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