Monday, April 19, 2010

More Density Downtown

When the plans for Avenida lofts were announced way back in 2006, I was skeptical.  After all, the Avenida, located at 1225 Washington, was the third building in just over a year that Jacob Development was starting and the first wasn't even 25% sold (from memory).  The second, the Bogen, was a huge project and hadn't begun sales.  At the time, the number of spaces projected for development in the following year was a staggering 2265.

Obviously things didn't work out for the condos and the project was scrapped for a time, but fortunately, the momentum going on in Downtown St Louis procured another plan very quickly. 

It was good news to hear the plan for mixed use commercial building with rental lofts and a couple new themed restaurants and even better to see construction starting up.  Just last week, we started seeing ads for apartments at the newly named "Warehouse 7 Lofts." 

Hopefully the project will, as expected, bring continued enthusiasm for downtown living as another piece of the downtown puzzle is put into place.


Anonymous said...

Washington Ave is turning into a "little Bourbon Street". If you haven't driven between 14th and Tucker on a Sunday night or Thursday between 10pm and 3am, your in for a treat. Last night (Sun) there was table dancing on the sidewalk at 14th and Washington. Two scantly clad women gyrating in very lewd movements to some Hip Hop music played on a loud speaker. Friday morning at 11th and St Charles, some thugs played their own style of music with their AK-47's. I'll bet there will be a murder between the clubs before the summer is over. Someone needs to enforce the laws down there. Drinking, Drugs, Over crowding,stealing, shootings, lewdness. ect.

Chris Grus said...

What makes any urban neighborhood great is when the neighborhood pulls together to keep the police informed and involved.

My experience with the city is that they are ready to step up when things like this happen, but often times residents don't report them.

Partnership between residents and police works.