Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Downtown North?

Remember when Ballpark Village, the MX Exchange and the Bottle District were all being unveiled and in competition with each other for the new hot commercial zone in downtown St Louis? Having downtown built out in every direction with great new places to go seemed far fetched, but exciting. How could it all come together.....could it all come together?

Obviously that answer was, " uh..NO".

This new bit of information was released today about some plans for the Bottle District site.

While the work HRI did on the Merchandise Mart Loft Apartments has been allegedly some of the worst construction downtown, somehow this new project is exciting. The area to the north of the downtown area can really benefit from some affordable loft style housing and its obvious that the 'big picture' for the Bottle District won't come together as one giant plan as previously announced. Building the area block by block will do. While the Art Lofts, City Museum and the Syndicate have some great amenities geared for artists, downtown has still been limited in the area of affordable yet updated homes. We'll see if this plan takes off. In this day and age, building an effective plan to obtain financing is a long shot contingent on many factors.

Lets just hope this plan includes soundproofed walls & floors!

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